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Post-Hiatus Blog Post: What Have I Been Doing???

Posted by MKSC746 - 1 month ago


So it seems that I’ve been pretty inactive on posting stuff for the rest of the month due to personal reasons (again), but this period left me with some interesting stuff that made me want to share it with y’all.

OK. So first thing is, I’m working on a new project!!! It’s a BL web novel series that takes place in a hospital. Y’know, romance stories (any kind of romance, actually) aren’t my cup of tea, so this is a completely new thing to me. But you might wonder, how did I come up with the idea to write it? No worries, because here you have the story:

Well, the actual begging is pretty personal, so I’m not going to reveal what happened (SORRY). During those times, I isolated myself from my environment to prevent myself from feeling worse. I was scrolling through some gallery from WiKirby, and when I clicked some kind of image, I discovered a completely new thing I never saw: light novels. I was also watching videos about Japanese Internet illustrators, so everytime I would look up any of them, the first result would from the Dengeki Wiki and would label them as light novel illustrators. Since I was completely new and clueless to the subject, I would go to the homepage, and in the browsing section, I could discover new light novels, and between them was Looking Up At The Half Moon (A.K.A Hanbun No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora or HanTsuki for short, I just like saying English versions of titles to indicate I’m still speaking in the language lmao). I didn’t really give it a chance at first, even though there actually was something I found appealing from the franchise: the art style, both from the light novel and manga. It’s pretty cool and unique, I’d recommend checking it out (^ ^).

Well, like I said, I didn’t give the series a shot until almost a year later. Like I knew why, but I started looking up random stuff of the series, like the websites, the light novel illustrations and many more. You might think I should’ve read the light novel, but since I was going to read it on BakaTsuki, the compilation of the chapters wasn’t done yet, which made me feel pretty frustrated, so I didn’t. And since I didn’t know where I could read the manga (now I do! I read manga online on MangaFire, it’s a pretty nice site so I really recommend it!!) at the time, I didn’t do it either, so I watched the anime instead. It was a lot more easier and faster to do it.

My opinions in the show, you might wonder? Sad as hell. I mean, when you’re almost at the end of the show, you’ll think it’ll almost end bad like, holy crap, I never expected it to be like that. But what is it about? Well, Yūichi Ezaki is a 17 year old boy who’s hospitalized because of Type A Hepatitis, and because of that, he has to stay for a bunch of months. Being bored by that, he often sneaks out of the hospital but always ends up being scolded by her nurse Akiko. One day, a patient called Rika Akiba, another patient with the same age as her, hospitalized her whole life due to weak heart valves, is transferred to the hospital from another prefecture. From that day on, Yūichi will start to have feelings for her with both developing a relationship later. Well, if you like dramatic romance stories and stuff that takes place in hospitals, it’d be a nice idea if you gave it a shot.

That’s all I have to say about HanTsuki. Sorry for the pretty long paragraph, as it had to stay focused on the topic. Now here comes the part you might’ve been waiting for: how did I conceive the idea?

Well, I was remembering just during the last week of may because it was actually my first romance story, and during the Friday of May 31st, it came through my mind again, and boom, the idea slipped: what if there was a gay romance story that took place in a hospital? I mean, it just came out of nowhere like Friends, as it was originally a 4-panel skit webcomic series. I was eager to write it as soon as I could, but I didn’t do it until the night; what made me go for it was From me To You A.K.A Kimi Ni Todoke, another romance anime. This one caused me a really good impression (NOT AT FIRST), but it had (probably idk) too many first-person narration, so I quit watching it (maybe I should give it another shot sometime later… who knows?). After that, I started writing the manuscript in an old agenda of one of my relatives. Pretty curious right? Well, because of the design, I wanted to write something on it because of its design that pretty much looks like a book, so I thought that would be the perfect chance. As I was writing it, I didn’t realize I was writing a gay romance story during pride month until June 2nd. I was pretty shocked by that as it was a pure coincidence. Because of that, I was afraid of others opinions of it, but just kept minding my business since it was about writing stories, and that’s a thing I loved doing my entire life.

As of my progress with the story, I finished writing the prologue and I’m in the middle of the first chapter, recently came out of some rut by designing one of the characters. And as you might expect, HanTsuki will be the main inspiration for the series. I think it will release during the summer, fall or winter (if I’m more realistic)!

Yep, that’s all I have to explain here. Hope you liked it! Even though I’m back I’m still pretty busy with some stuff and I feel very tired and stressed. MK off. Ba-baii!!



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